• 2017-July-22nd- to Enhance security of data and communication that our members engaged in, we have enabled site wide SSL secure access that will show secure lock in browsers telling you that communication from your computer to SEFI servers is encrypted and fully secure. Should you have any difficulty in login, do try to upgrade your browsers or email us with symptoms, we will try to assist.
  • This Security Enhancement will be proved by a secure logo at bottom of each page, like this and the web browser will show secure site with examples like this
  • Improved Digest Subscriptions released on Jan 2014.
  • 2013-July-27 Home Page forum posts block now include an icon to jump to last post made. Look for this icon
    Last reply and number of posts increased.
  • 26-July-2013- An improved SPAM filtering tool enabled to fight spam. Please report spam using contact form or email to, we will improve spam filtering based on user reports.
  • 25-July-2013 Participate in poll for new improvements in design and features of SEFI using Poll on home page and add comments box or email to as to how you want toSEFI to look in future.
  • 01 SEP 2012 > Site undergoing intermittent issues/errors due to overload/memory issues. We are working round the clock for a solution to this so stability and reliabilty can be insured.
  • CCAvenue Payment Gateway integrated for accepting your valuable donations via Credit Card /Debit Card Net Banking etc Click Here to try Donate
  • SEFI server undergone long pending upgrade. You can expect better performance and lesser service outage like out of memory errors or issues like that. Users can edit their profiles and can add professional resume of few pages.
  • We have planned more features in beginning of 2011.
  • As of 31st December 2009 SEFI reached landmark 6300 subscribers more than 19000 total posts and record zero spam through intensive human monitoring as well as spam protection technologies. Starting 1st April 2008 till date we were able to maintain 100% uptime, nil spam, clean forum and added more and more wonderful members to enrich the community and enhanced knowledge sharing, realising SEFI mission. We look forward to continue and enhance in 2010.

  • Jobs section is Live with Automated Job postings for employers and seekers can apply through the website itself. Any member can post and apply for jobs posted by community.

  • Launch of Newly Designed And improved SEFI Portal. Users are rquested to register and read usage documents and videos to ensure maximum benefit of SEFI portal Click here to View Usage Video Demonstrations.

  • We are migrating to new system, and during migration you may find certain areas of site not fully functional. Please bear with us. If you have any suggestions and feature requests please let us know.