Workshop 63: Analysis, Design and Construction Aspects of Buildings with RCC Walls (constructed using Alluform Shuttering)

Scheduled on Saturday 25th April, 2015 at VJTI Institute, Matunga (E), Mumbai-400 019

9:30 am to 6:00 pm

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Understand more about : 
a. Criterias for selecting Alluform Shuttering system
b. Difficulties in Construction sequence and other parameters for achieving very short 
time cycle for slab casting.
c. Modelling and other technical issues related to analysis using standard softwares.
d. Difference in structural behaviour (with respect to earthquake and wind loads) as 
compared to framed structures, shear walled structures and structures with dual 
e. Various Detailing aspects
All points will be discussed and elaborated by practising consultants.  

Registration Fees (incl. tax):  
Students  - Rs. 500      
Teaching Faculty - Rs. 750        
Members of IEI/ISSE/ICI/ACI/ PEATA/IIA/COA - Rs. 1000  
DELEGATES  - Rs. 1500
For Registration : Ms. Sneha Naik   - 25471144/ 8879664965 , 

Event Date: 
Saturday, 25. April 2015
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