[Concluded] Feb 8- Feb 21: Econference on State of Structural Engineering Practice and Education

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SEFI is proud to announce an econference after a long time! 

Click here to read proceedings /discussions/debates and moderators closing remarks.

Inspired by the very successful, hot  and well debated discussions on Consultancy Fee Structure, SEFI is expanding the issue to a full fledged econference on  "The State of Structural Engineering Practice and Education in India". 
The econference will be from Feb 8 to Feb 21. As the topic is vast, in order to manage the discussions, SEFI has divided the econference broadly into five topics each of which have their own Subject Moderator. The subjects are only broad indicators and the econference is not confined to just these topics but may be extended to relevant subjects.
Structural Engineering Practice is going through trying times. Some industry seniors  have gone so far as to  calling it a sunset industry.  It is quite probable that in the next ten years time,structural engineering practice as what we know it today will cease to exist. What will emerge in its place  can only be speculated upon.But it is increasingly apparent that there is a deep churn that demands  ponderance.

a) Quality of Services of Structural Engineers and the conflicted Architect -Structural Engineer relationship - Moderator: Er. Hemant Vadalkar, Mumbai  

  • Why is there a deterioration in services of structural engineers?
  • Increasingly conflicted relationship with architects due to poor and delayed payments and compromised structural options as a result of which most engineers do not wish to work for architects.
  • Roles and responsibilities of Structural Engineers
  • How do we define and maintain min standards of structural engineering services? 
  • Role of Structural Engineering Associations in improving engineering design standards

b) Structural Engineering Consultancy Fees - Moderator-  Dr. N Subramanian, USA/Chennai

  • Why are Structural Design Services not able to command better fees? Who is to blame? 
  • Why is there so much undercutting of fees between Structural engineers? 
  • Is the practice of Structural Engineering viable in the current fee structure?
  • What can be done to improve the situation? 

c) What is role  of the Structural engineer in the next decade? - Moderator- Er. Alok Bhowmick, New Delhi
  •  Increasingly, routine  projects are reduced to computer modelling and design and afford little space for engineering innovation from the thinking engineer. Where does the innovative engineer fit in? 
  • What sectors will see a greater opportunity for engineering creativity- Infrastructure, Tall Buildings, Large Span structures, Construction technology...? 

d) How do we regulate the Structural Engineering Profession? Moderator - Er. Nilesh Shah, Surat 

  • Creating a Professional  Identity 
  • Techno Legal regime for professionalisation of the Industry
  • Professional Indemnity 
  • Framework for Continuing Education 
e) State of Education of Civil (structural) Engineering in India  - Moderator-  Prof Rupen Goswami, IIT Madras. 

  • Paucity of good teaching resources in most civil engineering colleges. 
  • Poor preparation for industry- Good colleges especially IITs have reduced student exposure to structural engineering core subjects 
  • Poor continuing education opportunities 
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Event Date: 
Monday, 8. February 2016
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