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RCCBDS2003 [ReadRCCBDS2003]

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2003 9:19 am    Post subject: RCCBDS2003 [ReadRCCBDS2003] Reply with quote



Home            Navigation

Please click on hyperlink when hand sign is indicated    

Copy Right publication    Each  Template

Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Profile

Bay 1  

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Work Sheets Control Home

Top Navigation made easy just click in

Home   Powered by

P Eng Suraj Singh

Self  Teaching Super macros files

Unlinked super macros files


Sub Structures

Any number of trials can be made

Learn how to create

the supermacros  library files


Practiced as Project Manager

Applied Spiritual Numbers 0 to 9 & Luck

Super Macros Files

End         method

PEng Suraj Singh

Bay 1  

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Bay 3

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Bay 4

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Work Sheets Control HomeTopPowered & Published by The Author & This Application Software Developer.CD published by SLSM Publishers 3373 Delhi gate, New Delhi 110002, India, 009111-23261748, Email slsmpublishers@yahoo.co.uk
Suraj Singh

rotation contribution method

Indian- born 30.1.1955,

Permanent Add : 3373, Delhi Gate, New Delhi 110002,

0091-11- 23261748 (residence),

0091-9810088592 (mobile)

PP-A 8962688/Abu Dhabi/22.5.2001-21.5.2011

sunlion44@hotmail.com, Suraj_engineer@yahoo.co.uk, rccbuildings@yahoo.co.uk

rccbuildings1@yahoo.co.uk, rccbuildings2@yahoo.co.uk, birthnumbers@yahoo.co.uk

These URLs pertain to online software


Copy Right ISBN 81-901030-1-6/ ISBN 81-901030-2-4/ ISBN 81-901030-3-2/ ISBN 81-901030-4-0/ ISBN 81-901030-5-9/ ISBN 81-901030-6-7/ ISBN 81-901030-7-5/ ISBN 81-901030-8-3/ ISBN 81-901030-9-1/

Powered /engineered by me on MS Excel & MS Words.

RCC frames up to 5 bays & 8 stories

can be designed   using these  40 #s soft solutions

linked to 2420 # work sheets in 120 workbooks.

Please do not rename any file as it will stop functioning of this programme.


http://www.geocities.com/suraj_engineer , http://www.geocities,com/rccbuildings, http://www.geocities.com/rccbuildings1

http://www.geocities.com/rccbuildings2. http://www.geocities.com/birthnumbers , http://www.suraj.addr.com (addr.com discontinued)

Learn how to create

the supermacros  library files

Bay 1  

Click in to go to this

Bay 2

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Bay 3

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Bay 4 Click in to go to this

Bay 5

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Work Sheets Control Home

Reinforced Cement Concrete Buildings

Designs Software 2003


The method of operation has been given below

Also the hyperlinks to the main files varying from 1 bay to 5 bay have been given below

The super macro file is to be worked upon pertaining your requirement

These links can be used directly to access to the super macros by clicking on each

After the files is on, respond to update the changes

Later the file is open & go to edit menu, Click the edit menu, Click the links, You can see all the linked files, Select sources, Click sources, Open sources,

[Test] Verify the links by selecting all linked files from the edit, links & then [Alt+O], all linked files shall automatically open. Similarly when the ready sign appears, [Alt+F4], [A] shall close all the opened files. The super macros have been verified.

Or alternatively

Open all the files from the tabulated hyperlinks

In each super macro, there are 24 source work books linked to each super macro

Also one file pertaining to source loads application is linked

Select the source file & go to open source & click

Source file shall open after you click yes or no to response

Yes when the information is to be updated

[Please do not attempt to apply ’save as command’

Suggested to make a directory for the client & apply

‘copy command’ to the relevant package into the client directory along with the ‘Template’/or this page as the case may be].

On the supermacros files 3bays, 4 bays & 5 bays, on top of every frame given navigational cells from 1 to 8 storey, may cause some navigational problem for which resolution is as follows.

Unprotect the file using protection password as available on range list. Right click the mouse on every button & when hand sign appears, press HH keys & change the path directory C or D as the case be for all 8 buttons on the storey 1 & then select these 8 buttons & paste on all the frames. Similar do for the Top, License & Navigation buttons.

Top     method

This hyperlink shall take you to the online software uniform resources locators prime file

October 21, 2003

Reinforced Cement Concrete buildings frames design software

For Online links please click this hyperlink

..\RCCBDS2003 OnlineLinks\Analysisintroductionrccbuildingslinks.doc

This hyperlink shall take you to the online software uniform resources locators prime file

Main linksTop
WELCOMEDear Application Userto the world ofRCC Buildings Structural Designs ProgrammedApplications Based onKani’sotation contribution methodfor theanalysis of forces on frameswith the inclusions ofLimit state & working stress methodsto solve elemental designs according toIS 456, code of practice for PCC & RCC, conventional practical experience attained in field of construction& also linked to software for
Applied Spiritual Numbers  0 to 9 & Luck


Learn how to create


the supermacros  library files

Supermacro is defined as a formula interlinking coordination spreadsheet tool to formulate a soft solution automation instantly into a chain of various macros onto various worksheets based on

SCRIRFP code language

Which stands for

Spreadsheet cells references interlinking relational formula power

The frames have been formulated to the following

joint descriptions matrices

Horizontally from top
Vertically from top


B1-B2-B3-B4-B5-B6-B7-B8 etc


Considerations have been made in the formula calculations to include flexibility for the wind loads as well as seismic loads based on the possible horizontal sway caused drift

that may be estimated subject to experience of engineer concerned.

The engineer shall find the supermacro formula extremely interesting to save as much time as possible

for the only necessity is to enter the information into the relevant cells.

The formats have been designed in meters (MKS units) for example the column & beam sizes are in meters.

It is up to the designer’s assessment what sizes are to be fed into the unprotected cells

Just feed input i.e possible/proposed sizes pertaining beams & columns along with spans & bays dimensions.

Alternatively feed possible dimensions pertaining to beams A0 to Fo & the vertical length/height of the columns from A0 to A8 for the frames upto 5 bays & 8 storeys as the case may be, & for the remaining, the supermacro shall take care of.

Also feed various forces to be imposed either based on estimation or via the relevant linked file.

Feed concrete grade input in Kg/Cm^2 into the cell @ joint Ao in every case (M150/200/250/300/350/400) feed value without M

For value of E,

5700*under the root Fck in N/mm^2 converted to Kg/Cm^2 has been used


Use F5 ( GOTO)key

to find various locations range regarding various items.

2.5% of vertical frame height has been included as horizontal drift but can be modified to design engineer’s requirement.

Indication whether or not seismic forces included in either direction or only gravity loads is exhibited on elemental design templates by +1/-1.

The values of estimated horizontal drift can be varied but shown 0.025

Relevant cantilever projections should not be extended >1.5m depending in the main beam cross section for the cantilever section shall be the same & deflection should not exceed L/7


Hard copies can be used

in every case for comparison of maximum possibility.

Immediate results may be viewed directly & further trials conducted.

Deflections have been formulized & total drift can be compared to considered 2.5% but variable ranging from 1% vertical frame height.

The values pertaining to the beams’ deflections have been formulized based on the standard formulae & permissible & actual values have been compared as true & false. These deflection values shown on the beam design template formate are actual & linked from the analysis file. The formula description shown on the template has nothing to do with this result.


True means it is within permissible limits &

False indicates that an alteration to the sectional dimensions to a higher value is required.

CG coordinates can be compared accordingly in various ways

Quantities of RCC frame formulized is subject to designer’s dimensions

(relevant width & thickness cells are open/unprotected) & may be worked out for cost assessment only

Any number of trials can be made &

comparison allowed for the worst conditions applicable.

After having getting ascertained about the proposed design result, links made to the columns & the beams (refer to edit menu resources)

may be used to design suitable reinforcement & other stress formations

as required element wise (for columns & beams)

Direct dimensions, spans, forces, maximum final moments, concrete grades, hinge indicator, seismic indicator, concrete slab width & thickness etc

are all in unprotected cells.


For beams, the dimensions & the forces from the frame shall automatically be updated & while opening the relevant beam files,

‘yes response’ to be given to  update file.

Inputs necessary on the beam templates sheet 1 are  fy rebars such as

4150/4600/2300 Kg/cm^2 etc (only numerals)

to be entered on the Frame Template adjacent to A0

& also the value of neutral axis is to be ascerained that it does not exceed 0.48d in case steel 415 & 0.46d in case steel 500.

The second row given in the templates of beams is superfluous

& may be disregarded

link to be made to the cell y6/y7 as relevant for the value of actual stress in steel from the table of strains.

If the strain as shown are less than requires as for example 0.00144 in case of fy 4150 kg/cm^2, necessary amendment has to be made on the relevant y6/y7 cell for this value as

+(actual strain* E) I,e E being 2*10^6 in MKS & 2*10^5 in SI

# of rebars, in compression as well as tension zones

gaps between rebars & the # of rebar layers

rebars dia & the covers specified


For the shear check, dia of the rings/stirrups & spacing to be entered

The value of the shear stress to be coordinated from the provided table about various concrete grades

Similarly for columns, the links about dimensions & the forces shall be updated & ‘yes response’ given for update.

If to be designed by working stress method, enter value of rebar grade only in sheet 1 & check the value of the neutral axis by trial & error method to make tension & compression equal approximately & provide input regarding the rebars as in case of beams. The results about the columns loads & moment of resistance capacity shall be ready for adoption if in agreement.

Sway drift/push over can calculated based on all the probabilities & the results compared to 2.5% drift. The deflection should be <2.5% drift

or whatever applied by the engineer


The following pages have been included

to create the soft solutions

Similar inputs shall be needed for the columns templates for both the working stress method as well as limit state methods



Directly main Super macros files

can be opened by clicking in these hyperlinks

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