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NBC part 2 Administration Comments sent

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2003 12:32 pm    Post subject: NBC part 2 Administration Comments sent Reply with quote

Authority having jurisdiction

Buildings complex

Team Approach/Project Group/Agency

Management Engineer

Quality Assurance manager

Resident Engineer/Architect

Construction team

quality assurance procedures manual

Planning & development

Intending Contractors

CED Ref 46/T-2 2003-05-19



Structural Engineer


Town planner

Project Management Engineer

Construction Project Site Agent/ Construction manager

Project Coordinator/ Project Office Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Site Engineer

Professional shall also intimate

The Authority may charge a process fee

testing of the material

renewal of occupation

IEI royal charter

methods of design

Engineers Mobility Forum

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Comments On BIS Documents

Name of the commentator- Professional Engineer Suraj Singh PE 28

BIS Doc Ref CED46/T-23 13.10.2003  
Part 2 Administration
BIS Letter ref # - Personally collected from Mr S Pant on 20.10.2003


Authority having jurisdiction- Any ‘body corporate’ or department which has been constituted by a statute or otherwise for the purpose to control & regulate the buildings construction operations & procedures on various stages of demolitions, design & plans approvals, constructions, completion/occupation & post completion operational maintenance within the named urban limits, shall empower a committee comprising of buildings engineering operations experts of all disciplines entitled by the name or title of buildings official/s or an agency to act on behalf of the constituted body corporate & all the power of buildings operations control provided within the constitution of the body corporate, shall be transferred in whole to this committee in the capacity as quasi judicial body.

2.1.2 a

Buildings complex-

Buildings in groups to provide a common objective for the community in the form of district or neighbourhood based on the integrated planning applied with the self containment principles to make it convenient for its users to fully feel & actually be in a mini city or town with full security & a class feeling, duly provided with all types of facilities & infrastructures such as district centre, car ports, community centres, swimming pools, police station, fire stations, shopping centre, school, distant nursing home, distant petrol outlet, pump houses, water storages for fire  & for water supply, all internal roads, bus stand, peripheral compound walls, around 80 % integrated plot remaining open for the use for roads road signs, direction signs, gates & landscape items etc with FAR not exceeding 130 % or as approved & the whole planning shall have certain concept behind it. For example, some buildings conceived as having formation mechanism shape as SECULAR INDIA wherein 12 framed
structural buildings have to be included with predefined functional dimensions located in 2 rows about 250m apart or like keeping the gap between each building about 30m depending on the height. All other facilities shall be included around. It may formulate a strategy to reach the required complex dimensions to pack all the proposed & required structures allowing soft as well as hard landscape. Many such complexes may be allowed to be included to create one major project to be a sub urban area.

For such purposes of project in public interests, the land acquisition Act provides for required piece of land acquisition by the concerned state government

2.1.3       Owner/Promoter/Client/User

3.1       Group K   Integrated complexes

4           Team Approach/Project Group/Agency

A building project comprises the following major stages of promotion planning based on budgetary provisions & optimum utility requirement & development & production of models.

In the next para after a,b,c,d quality assurance  in place of quality

On the top in the list of professionals Management Engineer to be added

Quality Assurance manager to be added

Functional specialist(s) including specialist systems contractors by nomination under prime or provisional cost sum as well as health & safety engineers or officers

Construction Manager to be inserted into construction team

4.1 In building projects various aspects like Formation Mechanisms

On site management team

On behalf of the Management Engineer/Project Engineer/Architect

Resident Engineer/Architect, Site coordinator, senior engineer, design engineer, services engineers, specialist engineers, clerk of works or assistant engineers all depending on the size of the project

This team shall report to the overall in charge of the project ‘ Management Engineer’ & its prime function shall be to

‘supervise all the construction execution operations on site carried out by the executive contractors & their sub contractors. The final authority shall rest with the management engineer for any decisions pertaining to the works carried out’

Construction team on behalf of the execution contractor shall consist of

Project site agent/Construction manager, Site coordinator/Office engineer, Site engineers, Services Engineers, General Foremen, Foremen, Charge hand etc

This team shall be headed by Site agent on behalf of the Contractor as contractor’s representative for the purpose of the Construction contract executed between the owner & the contractor based on the documentation drawn by the management engineer or the concerned professional looking after the project.

All the sub contractors shall carry out the works according to the contractual provisions & accountable to the main contractor but the main contactor shall be contractually responsible & liable for the accuracy of the works.

All the supervisory personnel of the main & the sub contractor shall be approved by the Management Engineer or the professional in charge in the form of CV approvals & without this approval no personnel shall be allowed to work on the project

The quality assurance procedures manual/ plan shall be prepared by the management Engineer within the contract or the tender documents as guidelines only but the main contractor shall propose all disciplines quality plans for the whole project based on its company quality policy as included in its quality accreditation proposals & then submit to the management Engineer/ the responsible professional for approval & after the approval, all the plans & the procedures shall strictly be adopted subject to audit of records by the quality assurance manager of the Management Engineer as well as Contractor’s own quality assurance department. This record shall be kept for the periodical third party quality audit. Any observation made shall immediately be corrected to bring in line to the provisions of the approved quality manual.


Planning & development

Land acquisition according to the project requirement & application for obtaining land use with the relevant authority based on the proposed requirement as included on the combined layouts of all schemes.

[Products of birds eye view for the project or independent units included]

After having the site acquisition, site exploration survey & complete investigation at the decided locations to be conducted by specialist soil investigations agencies/ accredited laboratories.

If so required, alternate optional concept designs may be produced for keeping in view the budget fluctuations.

All level discussions with the owner & the relevant authorities for schematic approval in principle shall be taken up for the schemes appraisal & approval.

Adoption of the whole system & size adjustments & then finalising the land requirement [ in case it is buildings complex modular form, otherwise the design is to match the available land] including the temporary land for the makeshift life camping purpose.

Parallel operations to continue for the designs’ development for the formation mechanism based on architectural, structure, environment & vistas synthesis to maintain the aesthetic harmony in approach that shall require drastic needs for detailed coordination both technical & managerial in the design as well as the project office.

Simultaneously, the assistance to be extended to the owner & the promoter to explore the channels for the funds arrangement from the banks or the interested public in addition to the promoter stakes.

After the availability of the soil investigation report, & thorough study by the Management Engineer , Structural Engineer & the soil engineer specialists, the policy decision shall be taken on the soil improvement & types of foundations to be adopted.

Intending Contractors

Public notice shall be released for inviting intending contractors for short listing & the criteria for the short listing & selection defined.


Prepare all the architectural plans with all frames located in along with schematic services arrangement & complete all details for the building permit application.

Application for the building permit for the whole project to be processed & pursued efficiently if convenient. If the whole application cannot be made due to certain restraint, discussion & appraisal carried out with the Authority for submission in parts.

Structural design should follow the aforesaid meeting the architectural requirement  & all drawings shall be completed & documented to be included as tender documents.

As much structural details to be produced as possible keeping flexibility for minor changes in future on the soft copy.

All architectural, structural & services drawings shall be immediately provided to the quantity surveyor for working out the tender documents to meet the tender opening time.

Proof checking of all the documents has to be carried out simultaneously to avoid time wastage.

An authentic meeting to be convened with the owner & all competent personnel to attend & finalise the tender documents including all contract forms & specifications.

Tender documents should be prepared in all respects so that there shall be least requirement of additional details post contract period except for the working & shop drawings or due to the design changes.

A tentative programme shall be charted out in the form of a bar chart for the guidance purpose to all concerned

Soil investigation report shall also be included as an indicative tender document.

After the receipt of building permit, the tenders may be opened & the further process continued.


country & ekistics


artwork in building like morals

6.1 b

short list contractors & sales of tender documents


Select contractors & award the contract based on the construction contract General & Special Conditions & Letters of explanation all according to Indian contracts Act & regulations under that.


Quality Assurance programme has to be included as guide within the Tender documents & shall be requested from the Main Contractor in all respects covering the complete project needs, scrutinised & approval granted by the Management Engineer/ Concerned professional & the Promoter/Owner.


between f & g

Execution & Supervision


between g & h

Red lines documentation, revision records& revised drawing to be submitted to Authority for permission.


between h & j

Testing & Commissioning for all services

6.2. c

Ensure inter disciplinary coordination during construction pertaining to all trades & this should be carried out very seriously to avoid technical mistakes on site.


Contract management & techno legal aspects

Indian Contracts act, Civil procedures Code, Evidence Act, Arbitration Act, Labour relevant Acts, Insurance regulations, Company Act, Rules pertaining to health & safety of all, General welfare of workers, etc all shall be kept in view for contracts management operations & documents to be drawn & constructed accordingly.


Arrange all maintenance & operation manual from the concerned suppliers/ manufactures for the approval


time , quality & safety


The team of professional shall manage & commence a system


The operation & maintenance team shall be responsible for application of operation & maintenance…. Guidelines in accordance with operation & maintenance manuals

7.2 a

Insert at the end

If possible regular building movement biannually be recorded from a fixed reference

Comments On BIS Documents

Name of the commentator- Professional Engineer Suraj Singh PE 28

BIS Doc CED Ref 46/T-2 2003-05-19
Part 2 Administration
BIS Letter ref # - Personally collected from Mr S Pant on 20.10.2003


Boards of Appeal

The board shall be independent & enjoy quasi-judicial status

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